Work from Home Entrepreneur:

Got What It Takes?

The majority of successful work from home entrepreneurs have similar traits and characteristics. Find out what these are and begin developing these traits.

A lot of people believe this MYTH: To be an business person, you must be born that way.

But here's the TRUTH: Anyone can learn to be a business person.

What do successful home business owners have in common? Here's a list:


*Like quick results


*Strong drive

*Committed to achieve






*Take calculated risks


*Drawn to the cutting edge


*Can solve problems

*Can handle the unknown

*Have integrity


*Take initiative

*Can maximize resources

*Great at management and organization

*Competitive nature


*Can handle failure


*Create their own luck

Two necessary things successful home business owners have--creativity and an innovative streak.

1) What is Creativity?

Creativity is being able to come up with new ideas and ways to solve problems that provide cool work from home opportunities.

Here are some traits of Creative People:


*Can adapt to different situations

*Self esteem

*Enjoy challenges

*Come up with ideas



Is it possible to improve your creativity? YES! How?

Start becoming a person who gathers information. Start reading, talk with experts, etc.; practice brainstorming. Just think about a problem or issue you have until an idea comes to you.

If an answer comes to mind that seems reasonable, try it. If not, keep thinking. If it works, great. If not, begin the process over again. Don't limit yourself--let your mind roam free. Keep practicing these steps.

2) Definition of an Innovation:

Something that's invented (ex. CDs), or Something that's created from an existing idea or product (ex. Super Wal-Mart).

How do you get innovative ideas?

Listen to dissatisfied people--come up with solutions to their problems Look at what's changing in the culture and society Use your imagination

In short, just remember:

*Look for new ideas

*Keep it simple

*Start small

*Try, try, try again!

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