Words of Encouragement

Beloved, I bless your spirit with words of encouragement. Listen to the Word of God for you: Don’t be sad or heavy in your heart, because the exhilaration that comes from God is strengthening you!

You have been created to be full of joy. This is your birthright, your design. You are meant to exude laughter and light as a normal part of your personality. Your Father in heaven wanted you to be this way.

He made you for a purpose. Part of that purpose was for you to be light in this world. Think about that!

Your Father literally wants to show you off to everyone! He intended for you to shine in places of darkness. He wants your light to bring light to others.

Your Father intends for you to be a blessing, not a curse. If there were words of defeat and despair spoken over you as a child, your Father wants to release them from you, right now.

He doesn’t want any negative words blocking the storehouse of blessing that already exists in you. Your Father placed that storehouse in you, and He wants to use it for His glory, and for your good.

So Beloved, receive these words of encouragement today. I bless you to soak and revel in them. I bless you to be full of exhilaration, excitement, and enthusiasm.

I bless you to feel this God-joy deep from the inside of your being. I bless you to understand that you have a joyful design.

I bless you with opportunities to express this design to others everywhere—at work, at home, in the grocery store, at school, in line—just do it!

I bless you to receive compliments that come as a result of your joy-filled design.

I bless you to feel and to see your light shining in the darkness. I bless you to sense that your light is changing the atmosphere for good—wherever you go.

I bless you to sense your Father’s pleasure as He looks at the light He has deposited in you.

I bless you to receive the Father’s words of encouragement for you. I bless you in the Name of Jesus Christ.

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