Learn How To Make Paper Flowers

by Jane Morris

It is believed that it was the Chinese who first invented paper flowers around 2,000 years ago soon after paper was invented by the Egyptians.

They used these mainly for religious purposes but through the years, they have made the art as an important part of their religious ceremonies. One of the four arts an upper class-born Chinese man has to master was to learn how to make paper flowers.

It is believed that the flowers represent good over evil and the contrasts are depicted through the different colors, textures and forms as well as the type of materials and containers used.

In modern times, the Chinese has retained their strong influence of these floral designs on their clothes, flower arrangements, art, food and home decor.

During the Victorian era, women started to learn how to make paper flowers out of necessity. They had to make artificial flowers when the real flowers were not available or were simply out of season.

They made the flowers by spreading a real flower and and tracing it on paper, making a pattern or template out of it. They used green tissue paper to cover the stem because floralta tape was not yet available at that time.

They used the flowers to adorn the different rooms in the house. This became the women's favorite pastime who at that time had very limited activities.

Artificial flowers are cheaper than fresh flowers but make fantastic substitutes for the real ones.

You can produce them in huge quantities for weddings, family reunions, high school proms, community events or for every special occasion or celebration where flowers are a must.

You can also make paper-made flowers for any kind of embellishment that you or your children would like for your home, school, office or any ordinary place or event.

You can also make paper-made flowers for someone who is sick or for someone who you would like to cheer up.

You can also volunteer to make them for those celebrating special occasions and earn extra spending money from making these flowers.

You may use crepe paper, origami paper, papier mache, colored tissue paper or other kinds of paper that are not so commonly used in making these artificial flowers.

If you love crafts and are specifically into handmade decorations, then artificial flowers are perfect for you. They are less expensive and certainly last longer. They are also easy to make.

The materials needed in making paper-made flowers are readily available. You can buy them at a hardware store, crafts store, a "dollar store", department store or probably your friendly neighborhood convenient store.

There are also websites, magazines, books and other materials that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make artificial flowers.

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