Online Jobs Work from Home Lesson:

Creating Products that Sell!

online jobs work from home

Online Jobs Work from Home Lesson:

Having an online job, working from home will require that you sell products.

Many home-based business wanabees get a hold of certain products that they think will sell great...

But in their enthusiasm, they get way ahead of themselves. They set up their business plan--writing sales letters, setting up websites, and getting traffic. But, a lot of these people forget a crucial factor–-whether or not they have a product that will sell.

So here's the online jobs work from home lesson, in a nutshell: Demand for a product is so, so important. As you start to create or find products, ask yourself:

"Do people really want my product?"

It is simply unwise to waste a month's time preparing a product...

...setting up the website for it, and...

...yada-yada-yada---only to find that people do not even CARE about your product!

How do you know if people want your product?

It’s easy!

Just ask them!

Go to online forums related to your product niche, and post your questions..

Or, conduct a survey or,

an opinion poll.

The web is an equal-opportunity playing field!

You have the power and access to potentially reach anyone in the world who has an internet connection.

Let's say you have this brilliant idea on creating a step-by-step instruction guide on how to bake and decorate cupcakes.

For starters, you need to find out if anyone is interested in cupcakes, baking, or cake decorating.. (By the way, I’ve checked, and there’s a whole flood of people that are desperate for this info!)

online jobs work from home craft

Your next step--go to an online food-related forum and ask tactfully... ...if anyone would be interested in learning how to back and decorate cupcakes.

Hear me--do NOT ask whether anyone would like to buy your “how-to” instruction guide, or your ebook about cupcakes. That would be spamming, and that’s not cool.

What would be cool, is to offer some free samples of your cupcake recipes to test the waters – see how the forum members react to them.

Be sure to check with the forum’s moderator or owner if this would be okay. Every forum has it’s own set of rules for posting and self-promotion. Some will allow you to post your website info--and some won’t..

...but that's okay, because...

..if enough people show enthusiasm for learning more, then at least you know that you have a definite market for your product!

Once you know you have good demand for your cupcakes idea...

you then have the go-ahead to compile your ebook.

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So start creating it!!

You now have researched proof that there is interest in your inforrmation!

Because there is interest, you can then easily attract an audience who has a desire for your product. That desire, combined with your imagination--will make your product sell!

If, however you’ve visited a number of online forums...

...and you see that there’s little to no interest in your item...

...then it is time to look for a new idea to market.

Try putting a different spin on your original idea,

or seeing it from another angle.

Or brainstorm some new topics.

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There’s a potential market for anything!

Using this method, you’ll save time in the long run. And you’ll avoid the pain of trying to sell a low-demand product.

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