Who Wants to Be a Home Entrepreneur?

What kind of person is a home entrepreneur? They are:

  • Stay-at-home-moms ("SAHMs")
  • Hobbyists
  • Recently unemployed
  • Retirees
  • People interested in a second income
  • and the disabled...

...are just some of the folks drawn to home opportunities.

Here are just a few examples that might inspire you:

  • A young mom begins a craft business after she starts decorating on her kid's clothes.
  • A retired government worker buys 36 beehives, and sells honey to the town health food stores and at craft fairs.

  • A teacher does typing and administrative jobs for her husband and friends. She realizes the potential market and opens a full-time virtual assistant service from their home.

Others become home entrepreneurs by using their skills in...

  • catering
  • counseling
  • teaching
  • day care
  • sewing
  • writing
  • photography
  • consulting
  • market research
  • landscape design

The list of hot, successful businesses that have been operated from home is endless:

  • chimney sweeping
  • maid services
  • fitness trainer
  • yoga instructor
  • messenger services
  • wake-up and answering services
  • home nursing
  • medical billing
  • mail order businesses
  • event & party planning
  • personal assistant
  • dog grooming
  • kitchen & closet planning and organizing

  • interior design
  • catering

..and others too numerous to mention.

As you explore the questions on the following page, allow your mind to roam freely through the possibilities!

Do this so that you can target exactly the right type of business for your skills, your home space, your market, and your part of the country.

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