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Your Own Consulting Business

Want your own consulting company? Basically, you can run your business from a store, or do everything online.

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Floral Business Blessing

Floral designers: here is a floral business blessing designed just for you!

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Online Work from Home Business from Scratch - How to Start

Here are 4 tips on how to build an online work from home business with little money.

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Affiliate Marketing Business Help

The affiliate marketing business is one of the easiest and low-cost ways of starting in the home-based industry.

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Work from Home Business Success - Niche Building

Work from Home Business Success Tip: There are some specific products or services for which you are uniquely designed to provide.

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Contribute To Great Home Based Business Ideas

Would you like to share your knowledge about home based businesses? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Inspirational home business ideas, plus encouraging words and tips for success.

Is the economy wearing you down? A home business can be a BLESSING, even in the middle of a recession!

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Craft Ideas Blessing

Having difficulty creating craft ideas? Here's a blessing to inspire, uplift, and encourage your creative spirit.

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Blessing Your Finances

Here are some encouraging words for blessing your finances. This is designed for anyone who's lost a business, a job, or trying to get back on one's feet.

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Words of Encouragement

Words of encouragement that will help you stay strong in business, and in life!

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Words of Spiritual Encouragement

These words of spiritual encouragement are designed to uplift, nourish, and bless your spirit and business needs.

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Work at Home Sites and Links

Need additional help? Check out some of these work at home sites, and recommended resources, here.

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About Me

Wanting to Know About Me and This Site? Read here!

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About Floral Tools

Floral tools are the means by which masterpieces are made.

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Learn to Make Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are cheaper than fresh flowers but make fantastic substitutes for the real ones.

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Inspiration & Motivation Store

Products that provide inspiration and motivation for your business dreams!

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Selling Crafts: Home Crafts Opportunities for Creative Folks

Do you fit the stereotype of a "starving artist"? Begin selling crafts or art as a business! The Internet has now made it possible for creative folks to have a home crafts business.

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Work at Home Crafts: Start A Floral Design Business

Becoming a floral designer is a fantastic work at home crafts career. About 33 percent of all florists are self-employed.

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