Floral Design Business Tips

work at home floral design

The floral design business is a great career for working at home. There are, however 4 precautions to consider if you're going to go for it:

  1. Floral designers have frequent contact with customers and must work to satisfy their demands, including last-minute holiday and funeral orders.
  2. Because many flowers are perishable, most orders cannot be completed too far in advance. As a result, some designers have to work long hours before and during holidays. Some also work nights and weekends to complete large orders for weddings and other special events.
  3. Floral designers may suffer muscle strain from long periods of standing and from repeated finger and arm movements required to make floral arrangements. They are open to being victims of back strain from lifting and carrying heavy flower arrangements.
  4. Designers also may suffer allergic reactions to certain types of pollen when working with flowers. In addition, they frequently use sharp objects—scissors, knives, and metal wire—that can cause injuries if handled improperly.

On the upside though, floral design is the only design occupation that does not require formal college training--that’s a plus--most floral designers learn their skills on the job.

Consider getting a part-time job in a grocery florist section as a way of honing your skills for your own business.

This is a job for those who have creativity, a flair for arranging flowers, and a desire to learn. You can go to a private floral school, vocational school, or a community college--many have programs and award certificates in floral design.

For the many floral designers who manage their own work at home crafts businesses, additional courses in business, accounting, marketing, and computer technology can be helpful.

Floral designers must be creative, service oriented, and able to communicate their ideas visually and verbally. Because trends in floral design change quickly, designers must be open to new ideas and react quickly to changing trends.

Problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently and under pressure also are important traits. Individuals in this field need self-discipline to budget their time and meet deadlines.

Opportunities in the floral design business are expected to be good because of the need to replace workers who leave the occupation.

The demand for floral decorations will continue to grow as flower sales increase with the population and the lavishness of weddings and other special events that require floral decorations.

Even with the recent downturn in the economy, I believe people will continue to demand fresh flowers in their homes and offices. Flowers bring good cheer and beauty to the atmosphere.

In addition, people are spending more time at home. Increased spending on interior design also is expected to create more demand for stylish artificial arrangements for homes and businesses.

If this sounds like the work at home crafts business for you, go for it!

Two extra tips:

  1. Try to distinguish your services. Try specializing in certain areas of floral design. Or try combining your floral design business with event planning and interior design services.
  2. Another great idea is adding holiday decorating services where you would set up decorations for businesses and residences.

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