Floral Business Blessing

Floral designers—here is a floral business blessing designed just for you!

Read or speak this to yourself each day, preferably before you begin your tasks. Try it for at least 30 days, and note any positive changes you see or discover in your business.

Beloved, listen with your spirit to the Word of the Creator: "Be like the flowers of the field, and flourish!"

I bless you to flourish in your gifts today. I bless you to expand in the floral design business. I bless you to do great works of floral art today.

For you are the Creator's workpiece, created in the Spirit to do good floral designs which were planned long ago, before time. I bless you to understand this with your spirit knowledge.

The season of joy has begun for you in your business. The flowers and vines have blossomed and are sending forth their fragrance. It is a good time for designing and also for coming up with new, fresh ideas.

I bless you with a heavenly fragrance that is apparent in your floral designs.

I bless your floral business to display your creative and spiritual identity. I bless your designs with your personal brand and stamp written all over them.

I bless your work to express you. At the same time, I bless your work to also express the spirits of others.

I bless you with floral pieces that cause customers to take notice. I bless your flowers to cause them to have an emotional response that is life-changing.

I bless you with increased business. I bless you with getting more word-of-mouth traffic.

I bless you to be able to work at your craft full-time. I bless you to have double the sales you've had before. I bless you with honor and grace, as you bless the world with your floral designs.

I bless you in the Spirit of the One who wants to be good to you. Amen.

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