These 6 Secrets Will Help You Learn How To Start A Fashion Design Business!

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Another hot home crafts job--Start a Fashion Design Business!

Fashion designers help produce the staggering numbers of...

...dresses, suits, shoes, and other clothing and accessories purchased every year by the public.

Designers pay attention to... trends, draw out designs of clothing and accessories, pick out colors and fabrics, and supervise the final outcomes of their designs.

There are different types of Fashion Designers:

Clothing designers - who produce and assist in creating men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, including casual wear, suits, sportswear, formalwear, outerwear, maternity, and intimate apparel.

Footwear designers - help produce and create different styles of shoes and boots.

Accessory designers - help produce and create items such as handbags, belts, scarves, hats, hosiery, and eyewear, which add the final touches to an outfit.

Some fashion designers only specialize in either clothing, footwear, or accessory design, but others create designs in all three of the above fashion categories.

If this sounds fascinating to you so far, here are 6 secrets you need to know if you want to get into this hot home craft:

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1) Designers who are home crafts makers generally work on a contract-basis, or by the job.

Many times they have to change their workday and be flexible to their clients’ schedules and deadlines.

At-home designers also lean toward working longer hours and in smaller, more congested, environments.

2) The fashion design business has a global nature.

Therefore, this home crafts job requires constant communication with suppliers, manufacturers, and customers all over the United States and the world.

The majority of fashion designers travel several times a year to trade and fashion shows to learn about the latest fashion trends.

3) In fashion design, most individuals have earned a 2- or 4-year degree and are knowledgeable about textiles, fabrics, ornamentation, and fashion trends.

Bachelor’s of fine arts and associate degree programs in fashion design are offered at many colleges, universities, and private art and design schools.

Especially for those who want to run their own home fashion design business or retail store, you should combine a fashion design degree with a business, marketing, or fashion merchandising degree.

If you want to succeed at the fashion design business, you can learn these necessary skills through internships with design or manufacturing firms.

You can also gain valuable experience working in retail stores, as personal stylists, or as custom tailors.

Such experience can help you gain sales and marketing skills while learning what styles and fabrics look good on different people.

You can also can gain exposure by entering your designs in student or amateur contests. Next page...

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