Work from Home Business Success Tip:

Niche Building

Work from Home Business Success Tip: Begin Building a Niche.

A market in its entirety is too broad in scope for any but the largest companies to tackle successfully.

The best strategy for work from home business success is to divide demand into manageable market niches. When you do this... can recognize the opportunities for offerring specialized goods and services that are appealing to a specialized group of prospective buyers.

There are certainly some specific products or services for which you are uniquely designed to provide. Study the markets carefully and you will find plenty of opportunities.

Here's an example: Surgical instruments used to be sold in bulk to both small medical practices and large hospitals.

One firm realized that the smaller practices could not afford to sterilize instruments after each use like hospitals did, but instead simply disposed of them.

The firm's sales reps talked to hospital staff to learn what would be most helpful.

Using the information, the company developed disposable instruments which could be sold in larger packages at a lower cost.

Another firm noticed that operating rooms have to carefully count the instruments they used before and after surgery.

This firm met that specific need by selling their instruments in pre-counted, customized sets for different forms of surgery.

While doing research for your own home business niche, consider the results of your market survey. Here are 3 pointers:

1) Take note of the areas in which your competitors are already firmly grounded.

2) List this information into different columns. Start looking for where an opening might exist for your product or service.

3) Try to find the right combination of products, services, quality, and price that might have the least direct competition.

Unfortunately, there is no exact formula to do this. What you want to do...

...will vary from industry to industry, and it also takes some imagination on your part to do this.

For example, only someone who had already thought of developing pre-packaged surgical instruments could use a survey to determine whether or not a market actually existed for them.

If you do target a new niche market, make sure that this niche does not conflict with your overall home business plan.

For example, if you find a niche for home-baked cookies made by hand... shouldn’t also go after a market for inexpensive, mass-produced cookies, regardless of the demand.

Those are two different markets. You have to make the choice for one of these markets, not both.

Now go, find your niche!

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